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進階每日跟讀#1 : Hengchun homestay dangles NT$0 rooms to lure tourists


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

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Tourism in Hengchun has slowed over the past two years, and the homestay sector has been hit hard. One homestay operator is holding out an unusual inducement to get tourists to stop by this balmy paradise at the tip of Pingtung.

To any party of six people, he is offering two-night stays at his guest accommodation free of charge, with no strings attached.This is a homestay in Hengchun. The whole building is available. Guests get the run of the living room, dining room, and three rooms on the top floor. And now, a stay here can be free.

It''s completely free of charge to parties of six that book a two-night weekday stay. Don''t look at this in terms of good or bad deal. The idea is that we welcome guests to stay here. This is sweetening the pot for tourists. We are throwing out a minnow to catch a whale.

The number of tourists to Kenting has dropped off sharply over the last two years, bringing down the tourism industry of the entire Hengchun Peninsula. In a bid to attract guests, some homestay operators are joining a new government scheme to offer their rooms at deep discounts.

Once the guest checks in, the homestay operator can file for a Tourism Bureau subsidy to offset the difference. It''s yet unclear whether this will ease Hengchun''s tourism woes.

Member of the public : All these big hotels need to cut their prices. That would stimulate Hengchun''s economy.Hospitality workerI doubt that there will be many who want to offer NT$0 rooms. These people in the industry might wonder if they''ll really get those subsidies in the end, and how long it will take to get them.

In recent years, the county government has organized numerous events to prop up Hengchun''s tourism, but the effect has been limited. Homestays are now taking matters in their own hands, rolling out their own schemes to fill vacancies.

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