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進階影片跟讀#10 : Formosa Chang, beverage shops raise prices on menu staples

新年漲聲響! 滷肉飯手搖飲多家漲價

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進階影片跟讀#10 :Formosa Chang, beverage shops raise prices on menu staples (2019/01/01)

Office workers grabbing a quick lunch at Formosa Chang now have to pay a bit more for their pork chop on rice. Today the restaurant chain raised its prices for 47 menu items by an average of 5 percent. Meanwhile, several beverage brands have also rolled out price adjustments, raising their prices by as much as NT$10 a drink.


Pork chops are grabbed piping hot from the fryer and nestled inside lunchboxes bursting with vegetables, pickles, sausages, and other savory sides.


Another bestseller on the menu is this: a fragrant, golden-brown chicken leg quarter given two chops with a knife. The price for this meal and 46 vegetable sides, desserts and other items went up today, each by more than NT$5.


Lin Chen-i
Formosa Chang PR manager
We use relatively high quality ingredients. Over the past few years, our food safety costs have gone up. We had no choice but to adjust the prices on some of our items on Jan. 1.

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These new prices are also due to this year’s minimum wage hike. Formosa Chang says the minimum wage hike will cost the company an extra NT$15 million this year, which it can’t pay for without raising prices.


Formosa Chang isn’t the only one raising prices. Yi Fang, Huada, and other drink shop brands are doing the same.


A new year, a higher price. Taiwanese who prefer to eat out might find themselves with thinner wallets in 2019.


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