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進階影片跟讀#11: Largest-ever Taipei Game Show opens with vendors from 24 countries


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進階影片跟讀#9: ​Largest-ever Taipei Game Show opens with vendors from 24 countries

Gamers flocked to Taipei today for the city's once-a-year eSports extravaganza. Now in its 17th year, the Taipei Game Show is a gamers' paradise, complete with fast-paced tournaments and a showcase of indie titles. The two-day event also offers talks on industry trends and opportunities for developers to find investors.


The annual Taipei Game Show officially kicked off today at the Taipei World Trade Center.


Tung Tzu-hsien
Taipei Computer Association director
We expect that over the next five days, we will have more than 300,000 visitors.
We also have 3,000 international buyers attending.

[[台北電腦公會理事長 童子賢]

A model puts on a VR headset, grabs a set of controllers and is instantly immersed in a 3D world.

Show girl戴上VR眼鏡,拿起搖桿,立刻進入叢林探險。

Game developers from numerous companies are in attendance, hoping to draw the attention of buyers and promote their products on the market.


Kuo Chun-lung
Game developer
We want to be able to attract manufacturers and see if they are able to give us resources. We want to develop these games and make them bigger and bigger over time.

[[台灣獨立遊戲開發商 郭俊龍]]

This year's Taipei Game Show has attracted 426 vendors from 24 countries. A record 2,144 booths have been set up this year, and there are 12 percent more startups compared to last year. Taiwanese developers are eyeing a growing gaming market, which is currently valued at US$137 billion worldwide. The nation's developers hope the show will give them the opportunity to tap into that lucrative market and sell Taiwanese games internationally.


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