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15Mins Live Podcast - 英語慣用語系列 – 死亡相關慣用語 Death related Idioms

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主題: 英語慣用語系列 – 死亡相關慣用語 Death related Idioms


1. A brush with death  與死神擦肩而過

If someone has a brush with death, they survived a situation where they could have died.

Example: Paulo had a brush with death when he drove his car off the road.


2. One foot in the grave  一隻腳在墳墓裡

A less formal way to say that someone’s close to death is to say that they have one foot in the grave.

Example: I wasn’t really surprised to hear that our neighbour had passed away; he’d had one foot in the grave for years.

3. Six Feet Under  六尺以下

It is customary to bury a coffin six feet in the ground. So when we say someone is six feet under, it means he/she is dead and buried.

Example: Even though Michael Jackson is six feet under, his recordings are still making money.

4. Kick the bucket 翹辮子

From the people standing on buckets to commit suicide – the moment of death.

Example: Sam achieved his goal of climbing Mount Everest before he kicked the bucket.

5. On your last legs 奄奄一息

Someone or something that is on its/their last legs is close to dying or failing to work.

Example: I thought Granddad was on his last legs but he seems determined to stick around for a while!”

6. Over My Dead Body 除非我死了

It shows resistance in doing/ allowing to do something - under no circumstances.

Example: You’re only 17! You’ll go to that party over my dead body!



Use two to three idioms to share a personal story about death.

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