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15Mins Live Podcast - 跟讀挑戰 – 世界第一台積電與光陽電動車 iPhone makes TSMC No.1 and Ionex to unseat Gogoro

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主題: 跟讀挑戰 – 世界第一台積電與光陽電動車 iPhone makes TSMC No.1 and Ionex to unseat Gogoro

iPhone orders lift TSMC market share

TSMC’s market share rose to 56.1 percent from 53.4 percent in the previous quarter, TrendForce, the Taipei-based market information advisory firm said.

總部位於台北的市場調查公司 TrendForce 表示,台積電的市場份額從上一季度的 53.4% 上升至 56.1%。

Its sales rose 11.1 percent from the second quarter to US$20.16 billion in the third quarter after Apple released its latest iPhone 14 series in September.

在蘋果於 9 月發布其最新款 iPhone 14 系列後,其第三季度銷售額較第二季度增長 11.1% 至 201.6 億美元。

TSMC is reportedly the sole supplier of the A16 processor used in the iPhone 14 series.

據報導,台積電是 iPhone 14 系列中使用的 A16 處理器的唯一供應商。

In the third quarter, TSMC’s 7-nanometer process and more advanced technologies accounted for 54 percent of its total revenue.

第三季度,台積電的 7 納米工藝和更先進的技術佔其總收入的 54%。

Kwang Yang looking to unseat Gogoro by 2024

Kwang Yang Motor Co (光陽工業) aims to unseat Gogoro Inc (睿能創意) as the nation’s No. 1 electric scooter vendor by 2024 on the back of rising brand awareness among consumers, company chairman Allen Ko told a media gathering on Wednesday.

Kwang Yang Motor Co(光陽工業)董事長 Allen Ko 在周三的一次媒體聚會上表示,在消費者品牌知名度不斷提高的背景下,光陽工業的目標是到 2024 年取代 Gogoro Inc(睿能創意)成為全國第一大電動機車供應商。

The company outsold its closest rival Aeon Motor Co (宏佳騰) in September and last month, becoming the second-biggest electric scooter vendor in Taiwan with a market share of 11.7 percent last month and 17 percent so far this month, thanks to robust sales of its new Ionex Air model, it said.

該公司在 9 月和上個月的銷量超過了其最接近的競爭對手宏佳騰,成為台灣第二大電動踏板車供應商,上月和本月迄今的市場份額分別為 11.7% 和 17%,這得益於強勁的銷售 其新的 Ionex Air 模型。

The company’s fully owned Ionex Taiwan Co (台灣光捷) is responsible for producing and selling Ionex-brand electric scooters. Kwang Yang also operates its own battery swapping system, called Ionex.

該公司全資擁有的 Ionex Taiwan Co(台灣光捷)負責生產和銷售 Ionex 品牌電動滑板車。 Kwang Yang 還運營著自己的電池更換系統,稱為 Ionex。

The company expects to deploy about 2,000 battery-swapping stations this year and more next year.

該公司預計今年將部署約 2,000 個電池交換站,明年將部署更多。

About 6,000 people have purchased Ionex scooters since the system’s launch in 2018, Ko said.

Ko 說,自該系統於 2018 年推出以來,已有約 6,000 人購買了 Ionex 滑板車


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