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15Mins Live Podcast - 故宮文物與台灣KTV前十歌 National Palace Museum artifacts and top 10 KTV songs

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跟讀挑戰 – 故宮文物與台灣KTV前十歌 National Palace Museum artifacts and top 10 KTV songs

National Palace Museum

After confirming that three items in its archive had been damaged, the National Palace Museum has released more details about the incidents, including photos of the broken porcelain pieces.


In a press conference, Wu said on Feb. 3, 2021 and April 7, 2022, while staff members were organizing artifacts, they discovered upon opening packages that a Ming dynasty (1368-1644) “yellow teacup with two green dragons” and a Qing dynasty (1636–1911) "yellow teacup with dragon pattern” were damaged. Additionally, on May 19, 2022, due to staff mishandling, a Qing dynasty “blue-and-white floral plate” fell and broke.

吳在新聞發布會上說,2021年2月3日和2022年4月7日,工作人員在整理文物時,打開包裝發現一個明朝(1368-1644)“黃茶杯兩青龍”和一個 清代(1636-1911)“龍紋黃茶杯”受損。此外,2022年5月19日,由於工作人員處理不當,一件清代“青花盤”摔碎。

Wu said the broken pieces were classified as “ordinary artifacts” and not “important artifacts” or “national treasure,” which was why the incidents did not warrant public announcements. The museum had been waiting to confirm liabilities before reporting that the “blue-and-white floral plate” had been broken due to mishandling.

吳說,這些碎片被歸類為“普通文物”,而不是“重要文物”或“國寶”,這就是為什麼這些事件不值得公開的原因。 博物館一直在等待確認責任,然後才報告“青花盤”因處理不當而損壞。

Top 10 KTV Mandarin songs in Taiwan

While checking the latest list of the top 10 most popular KTV Mandopop songs in Taiwan, a PTT user noticed that an old Jay Chou (周杰倫) song is No. 7 on the list. The song is "Step Aside" (擱淺), which was first released in 2004.

The list is based on the 10 most requested songs at Party World KTV clubs in Taiwan for Oct. 25-31. The PTT member also observed that half of the songs are by artists from China.

Chinese singer Xiao Ah Qi (小阿七) seized the No. 1 spot with her song "Once upon a time" (從前說)​​​​. In second place was "Red Scarf" (如果可以) by WeiBird (韋禮安), followed by Power Station's (動力火車) "Love me true" (我很好騙), Zhang Yuan's (張遠) "Jia Bin" (嘉賓), Ren Ran's (任然) "Fei Niao He Chan" (飛鳥和蟬) rounding out the top five.

In sixth place was Crowd Lu's (盧廣仲) "Your Name Engraved Herein" (刻在我心底的名字), followed by the aforementioned "Step Aside" by Jay Chou, and Jing Long's (井朧) "Bu Shan" (不刪). In ninth place was the rap song "50 Yuan Betel nut" (50元的檳榔) by Taiwanese Indigenous rapper CZ Dogg (潮州土狗), who is of Atayal and Paiwan descent.

Taking the 10th spot was A Rong (阿冗) with his song "Yu Wo Wu Guan" (與我無關).


  1. What is your go-to song at KTVs?
  2. What’s your favorite memory of the National Palace Museum?