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15Mins Live Podcast - 認識新朋友的閒聊話題 Meaningful conversation starters with new people

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Reference article from Business Insider : Questions to kickstart meaningful conversations with new people

1. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? 如果你可以改變世界上的一件事,那會是什麼?

This question can reveal where someone stands with their passions or social causes they care about.

Alternative / 也可以說:

  • If you could only keep one thing in the world, what would it be?
  • If you could only … what/who would it be?

2. Who were you closest to growing up? 小時候,你最親的人是誰?

Get a peek into someone's childhood by asking about their relationships when they were younger. Learning the answer to this may tell you a lot about their relationship with their family — or lack thereof.

When you ask questions like this, don't forget to reciprocate and open up in return, especially when your friend has shared something that was difficult for them to talk about.

Alternative / 也可以說:

  • What did you do the most growing up?
  • Where did you spend the most time growing up?

3. Where do you feel the most comfortable? 什麼人事物讓你感到最舒適

This will invite someone to share a bit deeper about their social tendencies, which can help you understand how well you relate.

"When you're getting to know a new friend, you want to know what makes them feel comfortable or where they like to spend their time. This shows you a lot about their hobbies and preferences, without feeling too invasive,"

Alternative / 也可以說:

  • What activities do you feel the most comfortable doing?
  • Who do you feel most comfortable working with?

4. What do you dream about? 你的夢想是什麼 ?

If people share their dreams for the future, it will give you an idea of what they value and strive for, which may benefit you both.

For example, if you both have similar dreams, such as moving to another country, you can help each other and push one another towards achieving that goal.

Alternative / 也可以說:

  • What did you dream about growing up?
  • Did you ever imagine or dream about XYZ?

5. What moment shaped you most this far in life? 哪段時刻對你影響最大?

Oftentimes, there are pivotal moments or certain hardships that make people who they are today. Understanding this formative time in a friend's life is very powerful.

Alternative / 也可以說:

  • Who influenced you the most in life?
  • What are the driving forces that made you successful?