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15Mins Live Podcast - 跟讀挑戰 – 雙十煙火與必勝客出怪餅 National Day fireworks and exotic pizza

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主題: 跟讀挑戰 – 雙十煙火與必勝客出怪餅 National Day fireworks and exotic pizza

National Day fireworks

A three-minute pyrotechnic spectacle took place at the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum (NPM) at 7:30 p.m. against the backdrop of music by Wu Bai (伍佰), a rock singer-songwriter born in Chiayi.

晚上 7 點 30 分,在故宮博物院南館舉行了一場三分鐘的煙火表演。 在嘉義出生的搖滾歌手伍佰的音樂背景下。

It has been 18 years since Chiayi last hosted the National Day fireworks display. Also to be featured in the nighttime celebrations on Oct. 10 is a drone show, the first on such an occasion that will beam patterns from a giant Taiwan flag to antiques from the NPM collection.

嘉義上一次舉辦國慶煙花匯演已經18年了。 在 10 月 10 日的夜間慶祝活動中,還有一場無人機表演,這是第一次在這樣的場合展示巨大的台灣國旗到 NPM 收藏的古董的圖案。

Multiple drone spectacles have been held in the run-up to Double Ten Day as warm-up events. The key visual for this year’s National Day celebrations was unveiled earlier this month, a design underscoring “defense” amid heightened cross-strait tensions.

作為熱身活動,在雙十日前舉行了多場無人機盛會。 今年國慶慶典的主視覺圖於本月初揭曉,該設計強調了兩岸緊張局勢加劇的“防禦”。

Pizza Hut Halloween pizza

Pizza Hut Taiwan, which has made its name after introducing a series of exotic and peculiar flavors in recent years, on Tuesday (Oct. 4) announced its new Halloween flavor for 2022: tangyuan garlic chicken.


The pie features ten large tangyuans decorated to look like eyeballs on the pizza crust as well as a ‘spider web’ made of black-colored Caesar sauce on its surface. In a Facebook post, Pizza Hut Taiwan wrote, “Please beware, this party might be so scary that everyone’s eyes pop out.”

餡餅有十個大湯圓,在披薩皮上裝飾得像眼球,還有一個由黑色凱撒醬製成的“蜘蛛網”。 台灣必勝客在臉書上寫道:“請注意,這個派對可能會嚇到所有人的眼睛。”

According to the company, the pizza’s ingredients include chicken slowly stewed with fresh clams, garlic from local farmers in Yunlin, as well as sesame tangyuan. From the salt used in the clam chicken soup to the garlic, to the glutenous rice used to make tangyuan, are all used to ward off evil in various cultures. Pizza Hut Taiwan wrote that zombies and ghouls would be willing to risk “ascending” for the taste.

據該公司介紹,披薩的原料包括用新鮮蛤蜊慢燉的雞肉、雲林當地農民的大蒜以及芝麻湯圓。 從蛤蜊雞湯的鹽到大蒜,再到製作湯圓的糯米,在各種文化中都被用來辟邪。 台灣必勝客寫道,殭屍和食屍鬼願意冒險“攀登”以換取口味。


  1. How many years ago did Chiayi last host the National Day fireworks?
  2. What is used as eye-balls and spider webs on the pizza?
  3. Name a few of the pizza’s ingredients