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15Mins Live Podcast - 換句話說系列 – 聰明與笨的其他說法Other ways to say “Clever” and “Stupid”

· 15minsLive直播,每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Podcaster Time 播客主時間


主題: 換句話說系列 – 聰明與笨的其他說法Other ways to say “Clever” and “Stupid”

Other ways to say: SMART

Clever 聰明的

Example: My sister has always been the clever one in our family.

Bright (informal) 聰慧的

Example: I was convinced that he was brighter than average.

Intelligent 高智商的

Example: Surely an intelligent person like you can deal with this.

Brilliant 傑出的

Example: He was a brilliant scientist.

Canny 精明的

Example: He was far too canny to risk giving himself away.

Brainy (informal) 聰明(高智商/靈活)

Example: Sarah is beautiful and brainy.

No/nobody's fool 不傻

Example: Her eyes shone with intelligence: she was nobody's fool.

Other ways to say: STUPID

Dumb 笨

Example: Are they brave or just dumb?

Silly 傻(不明智)

Example: It sounds a bit silly to me.

Foolish 愚蠢的

Example: It would be foolish to change your mind now.

Idiotic 笨蛋行為

Example: Stop asking idiotic questions!

Thick (informal) 腦筋不靈活

Example: He's rich, but a bit thick.

Daft 愚蠢的 (英式)

Example: I think it's a daft idea.

Dorky (informal) 呆呆的

Example: She's always being embarrassed by her dorky cousins.


  • Tell a personal experience related to clever and stupid
  • Pick 4 words and make sentence