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15Mins Live Podcast - 換句話說系列 – 高與矮還有什麼說法Other ways to say “tall” and “short”

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English,15minsLive直播

Other ways to say: Tall

  1. Lofty 高大: This word generally refers to a great or extreme height. It can be used to describe tall buildings, trees, or mountains, and occasionally people.

Example: "His lofty stature makes him an excellent basketball player."

  1. Elevated提高的: Elevated is more commonly used to describe buildings or locations but can be metaphorically applied to people.

Example: "She has an elevated presence that makes her stand out in the crowd."

  1. Tower-like如高塔: This is used to describe someone who is very tall, like a tower.

Example: "His tower-like height was intimidating."

  1. Sky-scraping大樓般: This term is commonly used for very tall buildings, but it can be humorously or poetically used to describe people.

Example: "His sky-scraping height was a sight to behold."

Other ways to say: Short

  1. Petite嬌小: This term is often used to describe someone small in height, especially women.

Example: "Despite her petite size, she has a commanding presence."

  1. Small-statured身材小: This phrase is a more formal way to say someone is short.

Example: "Though he was small-statured, he carried himself with the dignity of a king."

  1. Compact袖珍: This term can be used to describe someone short and often implies someone sturdy or well-proportioned.

Example: "Her compact build is perfect for gymnastics."

  1. Low-set低設置: This term describes something that is not tall and is closer to the ground.

Example: "The low-set building was dwarfed by the skyscrapers surrounding it."


  • Tell a personal experience related to something / experience that you would use “tall” and “short”
  • Pick 4 words and make sentences 
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