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2016 US presidential election is hottest Facebook topic

臉書」二○一六年熱門榜 美國大選最夯

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Social networking platform Facebook recently released the hottest global topics for 2016. The US presidential election was the most “talked-about” topic. This year, Facebook launched live broadcasts of the US presidential debates online for the first time, and it received a massive response. The live streaming allowed people across the world to get closer to the presidential debate scene, while engaging in synchronous discussion online.


Second on the global list was Brazilian politics, followed by Pokemon Go, the Black Lives Matter movement, Rodrigo Duterte and the Philippine presidential election, the Rio Olympics, “Brexit,” the 50th Super Bowl, singer David Bowie and legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.


Also, Facebook released the top five most discussed topics in Taiwan, including the Taiwanese presidential election, a tour bus blaze in Taoyuan, the Panama Papers, a big earthquake in Kaohsiung, and the China Airlines strikes.


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