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2016 world champion

台灣之光 獲世界盃咖啡冠軍

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Taiwanese barista Berg Wu won the World Barista Championship (WBC) in Dublin, Ireland, the first Taiwanese and only the second Asian to win the honor since the competition started in 2000.


The WBC pitted national champions from more than 50 countries against each other in four days of competition. The competitors each had to prepare four espressos, four cappuccinos, and four original signature drinks to exacting standards in a 15-minute performance.


Wu earned his master’s degree at the Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering of National Taiwan University. He worked as an engineer for several years and started to sell coffee as a vendor in Taipei in 2004 until he opened his own shop “Simple Kaffa” in 2011.

吳則霖有台灣大學電子工程學碩士學歷,畢業後當了幾年工程師,自二○○四年開始在台北市擺攤賣咖啡,直到在二○一一年才開設了自己的咖啡廳「Simple Kaffa」。

Since 98 percent of coffee is water, good coffee needs to use quality water, said Wu. The water used for coffee needs to have the correct pH value, TDS (total dissolved solids) value, and high or low mineral content (hard water or soft water).


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