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進階影片跟讀#4 : Trash is the new black: entrepreneurs make fresh fashion with old tires and coffee grinds

垃圾變黃金! 咖啡渣. 廢棄輪胎做衣服

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Coffee - after you drink it, you can wear it. One entrepreneur is stirring up buzz by using discarded coffee grinds to make clothing. Shirts and pants made with "coffee yarn" can keep you cool and absorb odors. Another entrepreneur uses an innovative process to break down tires for the production of diving suits.

This wetsuit for surfing and diving may not look out of the ordinary, but there is something quite different about its material.

Dropped into this trough one by one, these discarded tires undergo high-temperature anaerobic pyrolysis - a process that breaks them down and extracts carbon black, allowing recycled tires to become diving suits.

Yuan Chun-yang
Business operator
We can replace the original carbon black with this material, and the suit still retains its function. With these wetsuits, we can reduce our carbon footprint by 72%.

For making clothing, coffee grinds are another option. A major Taiwanese clothing manufacturer has developed "coffee yarn." Many a brand from overseas has expressed interest in working with the manufacturer, which created the jerseys worn by the national team at the Asian Games.

Chang Li-hsun
Business operator
We aim to make clothing that can absorb moisture, dry quickly and reflect UV rays. Coffee grinds inherently have these characteristics.

Yesterday's waste, today's resources. By bringing garbage back into the economy, manufacturers can cut pollution and open up new business opportunities.

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Source: Formosa English News :

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