每日跟讀#489 : Banks Look to Cellphones to replace A.T.M. Cards

手機取代提款卡 美銀行力推

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每日跟讀#489 : Banks Look to Cellphones to replace A.T.M. Cards

Wallets can be lost, stolen or forgotten, but most people today would not be caught dead without their phones.

Banks understand, and are grabbing on to that trend. Customers who do not want to fumble around in their wallet for their ATM card — or who have misplaced it for the umpteenth time — will soon be able to unlock cash dispensers’ coffers by using their phone.


JPMorgan Chase, which has more ATMs in the United States — 18,000 — than any other bank, has activated this technology on a few hundred machines in four test cities, including Miami and San Francisco. Six thousand more are upgraded and ready to go.

Bank of America and Wells Fargo plan to introduce cardless options to all their machines by the end of the year. And while swiping an ATM card may not exactly seem onerous, bankers think going card-free will be a hit with consumers.

“It’s about having the choice,” said Jonathan Velline, Wells Fargo’s head of ATM and branch banking. “If you’ve lost your card or left home without your wallet, chances are you still have your smartphone in your hand.”




But of course, any new financial technology brings with it new security holes.

For decades banks have battled “skimming,” in which criminals sabotage ATMs to steal the information off a card and use it to clear out people’s accounts. The replacement of magnetic stripe cards with chip cards significantly reduced that problem, but mobile access brings in new worries.



One Chase customer recently had $2,900 stolen from her account through the bank’s new cardless system — which she had never used. A thief got her online banking user name and password, installed Chase’s mobile app on his or her phone, and used it to withdraw cash. Unlike most cardless systems, Chase’s does not require customers to enter their four-digit PIN at the cash machine.

Chase refunded the customer’s lost money and immediately made security changes. “We’ve put safeguards in place to protect our customers,” said Michael Fusco, a Chase spokesman. The bank’s system still does not require PINs, but Chase is confident it can detect and prevent similar attacks, he said.



Other banks have fared better, and say their fraud rates on mobile ATM transactions are significantly lower than those for traditional card-swipe withdrawals.

Wintrust Financial, which operates community banks in Illinois and Wisconsin, added cardless access to all its 250 cash machines nearly three years ago. Thanks to multiple layers of security, there has been no fraud so far, said Thomas P. Ormseth, a senior vice president at the bank. (“Knock on wood,” he added.)


銀行業者Wintrust Financial在伊利諾州與威斯康辛州經營社區銀行,在旗下所有250台自動提款機新增無卡登入功能已接近三年。該銀行資深副總裁湯瑪斯.歐姆西斯表示,多虧有多層安全機制,迄今還未發生詐欺事件。(他接著說:「老天保佑。」)

Source: https://paper.udn.com/udnpaper/POH0067/311064/web/

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