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每日跟讀#496: Taiwan’s ‘shaved ice’ among world’s top desserts: CNN

CNN全球最佳甜點 台灣「雪花冰」上榜

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每日跟讀#496: Taiwan’s ‘shaved ice’ among world’s top desserts: CNN

Which dessert best represents Taiwan? Instead of pearl milk tea, pineapple cakes or sun cakes, “xuehua ice” has been listed as one of the top 50 desserts in the world, according to an article by pastry chef-turned-food writer Jen Rose Smith on CNN. Xuehua ice (literally “snowflake ice”), a popular local frozen treat, is known as “shaved ice” or “snow ice” in English.

什麼是台灣最具代表性的甜點?不是珍珠奶茶,也不是鳳梨酥、太陽餅,而是被CNN列為全球五十大最佳甜點的「雪花冰」!該報導由點心廚師轉行美食作家的史密斯女士所撰寫。雪花冰是本地受歡迎的冰品,英文叫「shaved ice」或「snow ice」。

“Taiwanese snow ice is an invitation to get as creative as you’d like,” Smith wrote in her article, titled “50 of the World’s Best Desserts.” First, you need to shave the ice into a pile of crumbling ice flakes. Then, you can blend it with your favorite treats such as red bean paste and fresh fruit such as mangos, strawberries or pineapples, along with syrup, chocolate sauce or sweetened condensed milk.


Other top Asian sweets chosen by the foodie include sesame balls in China, egg tarts in Hong Kong, light cheesecake in Japan, cendol in Singapore, sticky rice with mango and tub tim krob in Thailand, and gulab jamun and kulfi in India.


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