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進階影片跟讀#5 : English curriculum to get upgrade in Taipei’s public schools

北市首創英文新課綱 彈性時數提升競爭力

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According to current government guidelines, Taiwanese children start taking English once a week in third grade. Taipei City is preparing to upgrade the English program in its public school system. Under the new curriculum, Taipei's students will get a head start in English, with lessons starting in first grade. The new curriculum is heavy on everyday English and sample sentences, to encourage kids to put their English to use.

Children start learning English in third grade, but the central government's guidelines don't say exactly how many class hours they must receive. Taipei City government has designed a new approach to English learning that requires a set number of class hours at each grade level. The new curriculum will soon be rolled out to all elementary schools in the city.

Chen Shun-ho
We are finding that only 5% of our students fail to meet the basic standards on Taipei's basic competence test. Others test at the intermediate or advanced levels. So, basically, the curriculum adjustment was made out of consideration for the proficiency level of the student body.

Compared to the central government's guidelines, Taipei's new English curriculum has more vocabulary words, commonly used phrases, and sample sentences.

Tseng Tsan-chin
Taipei's Deputy Education Commissioner
In response to the central government's guidelines for 2019, Taipei City government designed four courses as part of a flexible English learning curriculum. The central government doesn't require a set number of class hours in the lower grades. With regard to class hours, we are hoping that schools can retain some flexibility on this matter.

Under its new curriculum, Taipei City government will introduce children to English as soon as they enter public schools. Officials hope that the earlier start will give the children a later boost in global competitiveness.

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