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每日跟讀#521: Italian Physicists Wrote a ’Perfect Pizza’ Equation


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每日跟讀#521: Italian Physicists Wrote a ’Perfect Pizza’ Equation

That’s the basic premise of a new paper titled "The Physics of Baking Good Pizza," published in the arXiv. In the mouth-watering study, two physicists and one food anthropologist recall the unassailable pizzas they sampled.


Under ideal conditions, the authors wrote, a single pizza Margherita could be baked to perfection in precisely 2 minutes in a brick oven heated to 625 degrees Fahrenheit (330 degrees Celsius). When additional toppings require additional bake time, some pizzaiolos may lift the pie up with a wooden or aluminum spade for an additional 30 seconds.


Using a long thermodynamic equation, the authors determined that a pizza cooked in an electric oven could meet similar conditions to a Roman brick oven by turning the heat down to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C) for 170 seconds.


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