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每日跟讀#530: Worth the sting: Cuba’s scorpion pain remedy


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每日跟讀#530: Worth the sting: Cuba’s scorpion pain remedy

Once a month for the last decade, Pepe Casanas, a 78-year-old Cuban farmer, has hunted down a scorpion to sting himself with, vowing that the venom wards off his rheumatism pains.


Researchers in Cuba have found that the venom of the blue scorpion, whose scientific name is Rhopalurus junceus, endemic to the Caribbean island, appears to have anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, and may be able to delay tumor growth in some cancer patients.

古巴研究人員發現,學名稱為「Rhopalurus junceus」的這種藍色蠍子——這個加勒比海島嶼的特有物種——毒液似乎具有消炎與鎮痛特性,且在某些癌症病人身上,可能可以延緩腫瘤發展。

"I put the scorpion where I feel pain," Casanas said while demonstrating his homemade pain relief with a scorpion that he found under a pile of debris on the patch of land he cultivates in Cuba’s western province of Pinar del Rio.


"It hurts for a while, but then it calms and goes and I don’t have any more pain," he said.


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