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每日跟讀#557: Greek minister caught taking a puff tells EU official to butt out

被逮到吞雲吐霧的希臘部長 叫歐洲聯盟官員少管閒事

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每日跟讀#557: Greek minister caught taking a puff tells EU official to butt out

Greece’s deputy health minister has told the European Union’s top health official to butt out after getting a reprimand for smoking in public.


Deputy minister Pavlos Polakis was caught on video footage this week holding a cigarette while dancing in a club. It drew a rebuke from EU Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, who was in Athens to mark World Cancer Day.


Andriukaitis said the practice was "shameful".


Polakis, who is also a surgeon, said he was dealing with more pressing issues at the ministry than smoking. "Learn before you speak," Polakis wrote on his Facebook account in a post addressed to Andriukaitis.


"I’ll decide when to stop smoking, on my terms," Polakis said.


Greece has the highest smoking rate in the European Union. It bans smoking in indoor public spaces, such as the nightclub where Polakis danced as red napkins fluttered around him.


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