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每日跟讀#564: The Teenage Life, Streamed Live and for Profit

直播午餐實況萬人觀看 15歲網紅不上學改在家自學

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每日跟讀#564: The Teenage Life, Streamed Live and for Profit

On a recent afternoon in Los Angeles, 15-year-old Bryce Xavier went to the Olive Garden with his mom, pulled out his phone and broadcast lunch. Across the country, teenagers’ phones lit up with a push notification: Bryce was live.

The phone framed Bryce in close-up. His mom sat off-camera across the table; her son had really come to eat with his fans. Tens of thousands of them poured into a virtual chat room that layered over his image. A bright stream of emoji floated up the side of Bryce’s face, the product of hundreds of fingers tapping the “like” button at the same time.



Bryce is a star on, a year-old live-streaming platform with a core audience of teenage girls. Within three months of its release, according to the mobile app data firm SurveyMonkey Intelligence, had unseated Periscope as the iPhone’s top live-streaming app.

Bryce is a budding multihyphenate — he identifies as a singer, actor, model and violinist — but he has recently distinguished himself as a personality, spending nearly every day wading through a virtual crowd of anonymous fans. Since joining last summer, he’s accumulated over 33 million bits of “emoji-love,” the platform’s main metric of success. His most dedicated fans also ship him physical emblems like teddy bears, packets of Sour Patch Kids and posters inscribed with their internet handles and notes like: “I love you. Follow me.” A few months ago, he stopped attending school and started home schooling to accommodate the demands of his social media and entertainment work.



In the streaming of Bryce’s life, lunch is a recurring event. He calls it “A Bite With Bryce.” “It’s like we’re going on a lunch date,” Bryce told me later. “I go to my favorite places, and then they can become my fans’ favorite places, too, through the phone screen.”

Live streaming has been hailed as an “authentic” respite from the artificial projections of other social platforms.



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