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每日跟讀#576: 2,700 elderly drivers return licenses under Seoul program


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日跟讀#576: 2,700 elderly drivers return licenses under Seoul program

The Seoul Metropolitan Government unveiled a plan, under which people aged 70 or older who return their licenses will receive a 100,000 won public transport card.


The program aims to reduce the increasing number of car accidents for which elderly people are responsible. As of March 21, 2,691 people had returned their licenses. According to the city government, 500 transport cards will be given to applicants in order of age, while 500 will be given by lottery among the elderly drivers who returned their licenses in advance.


The Busan Metropolitan Government also introduced the incentive system for older drivers who stop driving. Along with the transport card, it also offers discounts for a variety of services, ranging from hospitals, restaurants and clothing stores to opticians.


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