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每日跟讀#579: Slaves to debt:fashion models speak out about catwalk misery


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每日跟讀#579: Slaves to debt:fashion models speak out about catwalk misery

They appear to be living the dream, walking the catwalks of Paris, New York and Milan in the most beautiful clothes money can buy. But behind the glamour, many models are earning mere "pocket money," tied by debt to agencies.


26-year old Clara, who has appeared in Vogue and walked for famed labels like Prada and Comme des Garcons, said that on her first Paris fashion week "my agency gave me a car(for castings)which I was sharing with other models from the big apartment they had put us in. It was only later that I learned that I had to pay $350 a day for the driver."


"Then I stay in a ’models’ apartment’ which my agency charges you $50 a night for a room I share with three others. When the castings started I got really sick and therefore missed most of them, so I ended up going home $8,000 in the red."


"Even if I was in a big Paris show which had a 1,100-euro fee, I got only 400. It was taken off my debt."


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