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每日跟讀#601: Climate Breakdown Could Send Crabs And Octopuses Blind


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每日跟讀#601: Climate Breakdown Could Send Crabs And Octopuses Blind

Climate breakdown is already having a massively negative impact on the world’s wildlife. Marine biologists have just demonstrated for the first time that low oxygen levels in the water can send marine invertebrates blind. The research has been published in the Journal of Experimental Biology.


The changes in the animals’ vision were striking. As soon as the oxygen levels dipped below what is typically found at the surface of the ocean, their eyesight declined - most notably in the rock crab and the squid larvae, which were almost completely blind by the time oxygen was at its lowest point - 20 percent of surface levels.


The oceans have lost a significant amount of oxygen in the last 50 years, with a significant portion of this due to nutrient pollution that leads to algae blooms that deplete the oxygen, and rising temperatures. This could lead to a situation whereby the crabs and cephalopods can no longer easily see the prey they need to catch, nor the predators they need to avoid.


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