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每日跟讀#625: Toxic air ’tears apart’ families in Mongolia


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每日跟讀#625: Toxic air ’tears apart’ families in Mongolia

In the world’s coldest capital, Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia, many burn coal and plastic just to survive temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees - but warmth comes at a price.


The levels of PM2.5 in Ulaanbaatar reached 3,320 in January, 133 times than what the WHO considers safe. Gers, which are warmed by coal, or any other flammable material available, are blamed for the pollution.


The air pollution are chiefly terrible for children, in part because they breathe faster, taking in more air and pollutants. As they are smaller, children are also closer to the ground, where some pollutants concentrate, and their still-developing lungs, brains, and other key organs are more vulnerable to damage.


Buyan-Ulzii Badamkhand and her husband have decided to send their two-year-old son Temuulen to his grandparents in the countryside. "I tell myself that it doesn’t matter that I miss him and who raises him, as long as he is healthy, I am content."


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