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每日跟讀#656: About South Korea - Coffee market and worker strike in schools


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South Korea’s coffee market to reach W6.8tr-韓咖啡市場達6.8兆韓元

The size of the South Korean coffee market will reach 6.8 trillion won by the end of this year, according to a report released by the Hyundai Research Institute.


Koreans, aged over 20, drank a total of 353 cups of coffee per person on average last year, the report said. The average per capita coffee consumption in the world was 132 cups in the same year, which is one-third of domestic consumption.


Shinhan Card said Thursday it has started running "Shinhan Face Pay," a facial recognition-based payment system. Its employees are able to make payments with the system at the cafeteria, coffee shop and CU convenience store inside the company’s headquarters building.


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Irregular workers’ strike disrupts school operations - 非正職勞工的罷工打亂學校運作

Irregular workers at schools went on strike Wednesday, calling for an end to discrimination in wages and welfare benefits vis-a-vis regular workers and disrupting meal services at thousands of schools nationwide.


Six-hour-long negotiations between irregular workers at schools and education authorities fell through the previous day, leading some 22,000 irregular workers at schools - including cooks, nutritionists and administrative workers - to stage a walkout until Friday.


A total of 2,802 of 10,438 public kindergartens and schools were affected nationwide. School meal services were suspended at 2,572 schools. The students were asked to bring their own lunches or else they received bread, milk, juice or other simple food instead of hot meals. Some 230 schools cut classes short.


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