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每日跟讀#685: From India, now the world is in craze about vegetarian burger


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每日跟讀#685: From India, now the world is in craze about vegetarian burger

於2009年創立由比爾蓋茲投資的「未來漢堡肉」(Beyond Meat)公司近來席捲素食圈,就連許多名人像是影星李奧納多與推特創辦人畢茲史東都有投資。在素食人口較多的南亞及東南亞國家,許多速食店也能吃到素漢堡。近期「未來肉」風潮也吹到了台灣,速食連鎖業者開始推出素漢堡以搭上這波素食風潮。

Meat alternative has become popular around the world in recent years. For instance, Beyond Meat ventured by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, actor Leonardo Dicaprio and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has taken the globe by storm. In South Asia and Southeast Asia where many people are vegetarian or vegan, a lot of fast-food chain restaurants have vegetarian burgers on their menu. The sensation of alternative meat in fast-food restaurants has taken Taiwan as well.


Although KFC in Taiwan hasn’t launched any vegetarian menu, an Atlanta outlet in the United States launched vegan fried chicken in late August this year. The chicken made by Beyond Meat was sold out in just five hours. Besides Atlanta, KFC in Vietnam also has burgers made by plant-based meat.


While the other giant chain fast-food restaurant, McDonald’s, started to sell vegan chicken nuggets in Norway, and also launched a wholly vegetarian menu in the United Kingdom. In Taiwan, McDonald’s has vegetarian salad and French fries.

讓人驚訝的是,世界最夯素漢堡始祖其實是在素食人口大國印度。早在麥當勞進入印度時就推出許多素產品,包括素漢堡(Mc Aloo Tikki)、素派(VEG Pizza McPUFF)、美國起司素堡(American Cheese Supreme Veg Burger),成為家喻戶曉的純素美食,吃素也能享受速食的美味。

In fact, the trending vegetarian burger first appeared in India, where a huge population in India are either vegetarian or vegan. When the McDonald’s entered India, the restaurants launched various options of vegetarian menu, such as Mc Aloo Tikki, Veg Pizza PcPUFF, American Cheese Supreme Veg Berger. Going on vegan is not in conflict with having fast-food.


The popular fast-food restaurant chain Mos Burger has launched “MOS Burger with Beyond Meat,” consisted of peas, beets, coconut oil. The burger is only available in five outlets in Taipei at first and expanding to 32 outlets starting from September. This month, the franchise also launched “Mos Natsumi with Beyond Burger,” by replacing the burger bun which lettuce, Mos Burger is creating a fresh taste and healthy burger.


Since Beyond Meat had been founded in 2009, the company aims to reduce energy consumption by alternative meat. This concept is also taken by Taiwanese restaurants more in recent years.

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