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每日跟讀#690: India bans e-cigarettes


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每日跟讀#690: India bans e-cigarettes


The Union Cabinet’s move on Wednesday clearing an ordinance for banning production, import, distribution and sale of electronic cigarettes and proposing a jail term and fine for its violators evoked mixed reactions among a section of Delhi doctors and other stakeholders.


The Centre’s decision was slammed by trade bodies and certain stakeholders related to e-cigarettes, who reportedly alleged that it was a “draconian” move taken hastily in the interest of the conventional cigarette industry. They also charged that the government was depriving people of a safer alternative to smoking.

印度醫院呼吸系統科醫師Gyandeep Mangal 說道:「很慶幸理事會禁止與香菸一樣有害的電子菸。雖然電子菸不含菸草,但內含的液態狀尼古丁可能會導致癌症、肺部以及心臟疾病。」

Dr Gyandeep Mangal, senior consultant in Respiratory Medicine, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, said, “We are glad with the ban on e-cigarettes by Union Cabinet as these are as harmful as regular cigarettes. It is true that e-cigarette doesn’t contain tobacco but it contains liquefied nicotine which may lead to cancer, lung and heart diseases.


Hence it is not true that e-cigarettes are safer. Apart from the nicotine, there are other additional components included which are equally harmful.”


He also said, “The fact is that instead of quitting, many e-cigarette users are continuing to use e-cigarettes while still using conventional cigarettes. Hence we can conclude that e-cigarettes are as harmful as regular cigarettes.”


Earlier, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had red-flagged the use of e-cigarettes citing studies that have apparently shown that these have the potential to cause nicotine addiction.

印度北部醫院Paras Healthcare的醫生Dharmider Nagar說道:「最近在美國因抽電子菸而致死的案例,讓我們對電子煙可能內含的有毒化學物質打上問號。」

Referring to the Centre’s move to ban e-cigarettes, Dr Dharminder Nagar of Paras Healthcare said, “The recent vaping-related deaths in the US have once again put a question mark over the possible toxicity of chemicals present in e-cigarette.


While investigation into those deaths have still not been conclusive and point to a possibility of spurious products, we must refrain from looking at e-cigarettes as a safe alternative.”

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