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每日跟讀#694: About Europe - Turkish artist goes viral with stark misery/comfort images


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每日跟讀#694: About Europe - Turkish artist goes viral with stark misery/comfort images

A Starbucks cup merging with a crowd around a dried-up well, or a yacht spliced with a boat full of refugees: powerful collages by the Turkish artist, 29-year-old Ugur Gallenkus, have taken the internet by storm.


Gallenkus has stirred a huge reaction by juxtaposing photos of misery in war-torn countries with the comforts of the West.


One features a little girl dressed in a Wonder Woman costume spliced together with a girl covered in blood and bandages - the sort of jarring contrast which Gallenkus hopes will raise awareness of a "parallel world".


"I would like to tell the world that people in developing countries live in war, hunger and pain. If we want to live in peace and harmony we must have knowledge about each others’ lives," he said.


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