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每日跟讀#698: About Southeast Asia - Indonesia will relocate capital to Borneo as Jakarta continues to sink

東南亞 - 印尼將遷都 泰銖匯率創新高

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每日跟讀#698: About Southeast Asia - Indonesia will relocate capital to Borneo as Jakarta continues to sink

印尼總統佐科威(Joko Widodo)昨(26)日宣布,將首都從超過1000萬人口、開發過度的雅加達,遷都到東加里曼丹。該區域位於婆羅洲島,遠離目前位於爪哇島的雅加達。

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, said on Aug. 26 that the capital city would be relocated to the province of East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, from the current capital of Jakarta, on the island of Java. Such decision was made as Jakarta is an overdeveloped city with more than 10 million residents.


The primary reason of relocation is to address the concern that climate change is accelerating the sinking of Jakarta. Experts have estimated that by 2050, 95 percent of North Jakarta will be under the threat of being submerged.


Another reason is due to the imbalance in resource allocation and development as a nation. Indonesia is home to around 250 million people, while more than half of the population lives on the island of Java. Overpopulation has caused challenging problems such as heavy traffic and pollution that do not have solutions yet. Relocation of capital might potentially be one.


The Indonesian government plans to start the relocation in 2024 and the project is expected to cost 466 trillion rupiahs (around $33 billion; NT$1 trillion).


Thai Baht’s soaring exchange rate breaks record泰銖匯率創新高 豪奢血拼回不去


Recently, the Thai Baht’s exchange rate has risen to 30.65 Baht to 1 USD, reaching a six-year record high. Due to the US-China trade war, foreign funds have poured into Thailand, a relatively stable nation in Southeast Asia.


Thailand is also one of the travel hotspots for Taiwanese, but the soaring value of the Baht has led to higher traveling costs.


Bank of Taiwan’s exchange rate today stood at 1.0817, which means 10,000 (THB) to 10,817 (TWD). SuperRich, a Thai currency exchanger, provides a higher exchange rate at 0.985. However, the exchange rate has dropped by 1 (TWD) to 0.95 (THB) year-on-year. In contrast, it still be advantageous for Taiwanese visitors to exchange currency in Thailand.

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