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每日跟讀#705: About Japan - Sightseeing train turns ’problem’ Kyoto line into talk of the town


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每日跟讀#705: About Japan - Sightseeing train turns ’problem’ Kyoto line into talk of the town

A railway here in Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture once on the verge of being defunct has a new lease on life with its slow-moving sightseeing train featuring a cafe-like interior.


The Tango Aka-Matsu is operated by Kyoto Tango Railway (Tantetsu), whose lines were famously dubbed the symbol of unprofitable train routes in the Heisei Era, which started in 1989.


The train, which connects Nishi-Maizuru and Amanohashidate stations, runs at reduced speeds offering scenic views.


Passengers let out cries of delight on a weekend in December as the fully occupied 33-seat train approached Yuragawa Kyoryo bridge over the Yuragawa river.


"It’s amazing. It’s like we are on the sea," one passenger said.


The 550-meter-long bridge is only a few meters above the river, making passengers feel as if the train is traveling on the water.


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Japan convenience store apologizes after viral rodent video 日本便利商店在老鼠影片瘋傳後道歉

Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart apologized after video went viral on social media of rats scurrying about one of its stores in Tokyo’s popular Shibuya district, prompting it to close the outlet until further notice.


Video clips posted on YouTube and Twitter appeared to show at least six of the long-tailed rodents, with some descending from refrigerated display racks stocked with "onigiri" rice balls and bento meals before scampering down an aisle.


Public broadcaster NHK said it had been viewed more than 5 million times.


"We take this case seriously," the company statement said, noting that it had suspended business at the outlet since Monday while it investigates the cause.


FamilyMart will take disinfection and prevention measures and decide whether to reopen the store taking into consideration the surrounding environment.


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