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每日跟讀#740: Sicilian town gives away homes, cash to attract foreign families


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日跟讀#740: Sicilian town gives away homes, cash to attract foreign families


An Italian town is so desperate to attract new residents that it is giving houses away for free.

這些房屋位於Cammarata的山腰社區,享有埃特納火山(Mount Etna)一覽無餘的景緻,並在地中


The houses are located in the mountainside community of Cammarata which boasts sweeping views of Mount Etna and gorgeous sunsets on the Mediterranean island of Sicily.


Cammarata is rich in history but its dwindling population has resulted in many buildings sitting empty.

在此情況下,市長Vincenzo Giambrone發起了一項雄心勃勃的計劃,以挽救他的故鄉及其歷史。

Against this backdrop, Mayor Vincenzo Giambrone has launched an ambitious scheme to save his hometown and its historic center.


The mayor is convincing owners of abandoned family homes to hand over the keys to the crumbling buildings to new residents who are willing to fix them up and put down roots.


What can you do to get a free house? You must submit a refurbishment proposal, pay a 5,000 euro (NT$170,025) deposit and agree to renovate the property within three years.


What’s more? The deposit will be returned once the renovations are complete and the building is turned into a family home or a business such as a B&B, shop or restaurant.


Authorities also said that priority is being given to young couples with children. Couples who have a baby after moving in will be given a cash bonus.

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