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每日跟讀#756: Taiwan chocolate best bar none


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每日跟讀#756: Taiwan chocolate best bar none

Fu Wan Chocolate, founded by Taiwan’s first certified chocolate taster Warren Hsu, has had a spectacular showing at the “Oscars of the world of chocolate,” the International Chocolate Awards (ICA), winning the best in competition award in the “plain/origin dark bar” category with its Taiwan no. 1 62 percent Ping Tung Chocolate.

台灣第一位國際巧克力品鑑師許華仁創立的「福灣巧克力」,在有「巧克力界奧斯卡」之稱的「世界巧克力大賽 」決賽中展現驚人能量,以「台灣一號屏東黑巧克力62%」奪得最大獎「世界最佳黑巧克力」。

Q sweet (premium chocolates & sweets) from Taipei received two bronze awards in the “white chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces” category. Founder Queenie was absolutely delighted, saying that this year was the first time she had entered the competition, and for two of her products to pick up an award in the final was both surprising and exciting. She said, “to be able to come here and compete with the world’s top chocolatiers was a marvelous recognition of my skills, and to become the first person from Taiwan to win the ICA white chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces category has given me huge inspiration on my journey in the world of chocolate.”

來自北市的「Q Sweet精品甜點」拿下「最佳調味白巧克力類」兩個銅牌。品牌創辦人Queenie十分開心地表示,她今年首次參賽,能入圍總決賽兩個品項,又驚又喜,「能和來自全球頂尖的巧克力師競逐技藝,是很大的肯定;而能夠成為台灣首位拿下ICA白巧克力調味類獎項的得獎者,也將激勵我在巧克力之路奮勉不懈。」

Taiwan’s biggest winner in this year’s event, Fu Wan Chocolate, secured five golds, 10 silvers and four bronzes, giving it a total of 18 awards, and all of its entries were created from Taiwanese cocoa beans, which came as quite a surprise to the judges. When ICA chairman Martin Christy was handing out the best in competition plain/origin dark bar chocolate award, he said to the chocolatiers from all over the world present, “you all need to watch out: Taiwan chocolate is on a roll!”

台灣最大贏家「福灣巧克力」此次共摘下五金、十銀、四銅及特別獎,共十八個獎項,且所有參賽作品皆以台灣巧克力豆製作,令評審十分驚豔,ICA主席Martin Christy在頒發「世界最佳黑巧克力」獎項時,對著全球巧克力業者說:「大家要注意囉!台灣巧克力來勢洶洶!」

Collecting the award, Hsu said, “It means a lot to receive an award for the world’s best dark chocolate in Guatemala, the birthplace of the Mayan civilization cacao culture. We will continue to work harder. Thank you, Taiwan!” Fu Wan Chocolate not only uses cocoa beans from Pingtung, it has from its inception worked together with local cocoa farms to produce its very own cocoa bean, to give its own unique local flavor.


The International Chocolate Awards began in 2012, and is judged by experts from all over the world. The entries are first selected from over a dozen regions, including the Americas, the Asia-Pacific, Belgium, France and the UK, and the winners from these regions then progress to the world finals. The competition is the world’s largest, most demanding and most stringent contest for appraising the quality of chocolate.


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