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每日跟讀#757: About Korea - For college students, Samsung Electronics remains most coveted employer


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每日跟讀#757: About Korea - For college students, Samsung Electronics remains most coveted employer

According to a survey of 473 male students and 586 female students conducted by online job portal JobKorea, 10.6 percent chose Samsung Electronics as the company where they would most like to work.


Since 2004, when JobKorea began conducting the annual survey, Samsung Electronics topped the list every year until 2016, when food manufacturer CJ CheilJedang took the top spot. But Samsung Electronics reclaimed its lead in 2017 and has remained No. 1 ever since.


Respondents cited a high salary as the most important factor when choosing a potential employer. Other factors included benefits, the working environment and the image of the president of the company.


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Till death do I stay single: South Korea’s #NoMarriage women/單身到死:南韓的「不婚女性」

"I’m a straight woman who is no longer interested in having relationships with men," said Bonnie Lee who doesn’t care about finding a boyfriend or a fairytale wedding.


She has gone even further embracing the nation’s radical feminist movement "Four Nos": no dating, no sex, no marriage, and no child-rearing.


Marriage rates are plummeting in South Korea where wives are often expected to work, raise children, and care for ageing in-laws with little state or community help.


A decade ago almost 47 percent of single and never-married Korean women said they thought marriage was necessary. That fell to 22.4 percent in 2018. The number of couples getting hitched slumped to 257,600 - down from 434,900 in 1996.


There is no official data on the size of the Four Nos movement, but its members say it has at least 4,000 followers. Meanwhile a separate feminist YouTube channel that features boycotting marriage and childrearing has more than 100,000 subscribers.


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