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每日跟讀#768: Original icon font promotes beauty of Taiwan

珍奶、電鍋變圖標!日本人和英國人愛台灣 創作Taiwan Icon 免費使用

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每日跟讀#768: Original icon font promotes beauty of Taiwan

日本設計師Holoko和英國工程師Rob攜手創作出100個代表台灣的文字圖標(Taiwan Icon Font),提供免費下載,期望透過台味十足的圖標,讓世界知道台灣的魅力,吸引更多人來台觀光旅遊。

Holoko and Rob, a Japanese designer and a British programmer, recently joined hands to design a hundred Taiwan-themed icon fonts in hopes of introducing local tourism attractions and attracting more tourists to Taiwan.


But, what’s an icon font? Icon fonts are fonts that contain symbols and glyphs instead of letters and numbers. Internet users can style them with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to create original designs in a variety of colors and shapes.


The aforesaid icon font is organized into four types, including sights, products, traffic and more. In addition to famous Taiwan attractions and offshore islands, various cultural features such as pearl milk tea, Taiwan Railways Administration, and YouBike have been converted into cute mini icons.

Taiwan Icon Font官網寫道,創作者的發想理念緣起於2019年8月陸客來台禁令生效,對台灣觀光業造成衝擊,然而,設計師認為來台灣的不只有中國人,台灣的美足以吸引來自世界各地的人,盼能藉由小圖示宣傳台灣之美。

In 2019, China imposed a travel ban that froze individual tourists’ permits to Taiwan, which caused a significant impact on Taiwan’s tourism. Against this backdrop, Holoko and Rob launched this project with the hopes of bringing more people from around the world to discover the beauty of Taiwan, according to the designers’ official website.


In addition, they stressed how “we support Taiwan not only because Taiwan is attractive but also is our friends.” Among other highlights, they remarked that Taiwan-Japan ties have been blooming ties in recent years which can be seen in the pearl milk tea craze in Japan, an increase of Japanese tourists to Taiwan and donations to the Japan earthquake in 2011.

「WE STAND BY TAIWAN」是計畫口號,呼應整體概念。設計師支持台灣自由、尊嚴而開始了這個計畫。目前已經出了第一版,而設計師們也會持續更新改善,讓世界認識台灣。

“We Stand By Taiwan” the slogan of the project, reflects such design concepts. The two foreign creators launched this project with the aim of supporting freedom in Taiwan. So far, the first version has already been released and they will continue to improve their original font to let more people know about Taiwan.

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