每日跟讀#770: Why the Star of a Big Hollywood Development Is the Sun

好萊塢新亮點 太陽能牆面大樓

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每日跟讀#770: Why the Star of a Big Hollywood Development Is the Sun

At last count, there were 34 major construction projects in Hollywood, which Los Angeles officials are determined to turn into a high-density area.


But one new building stands out amid the glut, and not just because of its name — the Epic — or the company that will soon occupy all of its 13 floors: Netflix.


The just-completed Epic is the first office tower in LA to embed solar energy-generating panels (“building integrated photovoltaics”) into its facade, according to Hudson Pacific, which owns the property. Put simply, the structure will use its walls to capture and convert sunlight into electricity.


“Vertical panels are extremely uncommon and part of the reason is just physics — they’re less efficient than if you have them on the roof,” said Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the California Solar and Storage Association, a trade group.

“So I’m not sure how much energy they will generate. But it’s still interesting.”


Del Chiaro described Los Angeles as “almost a clean-energy desert,” saying, “it’s the place with the most amount of energy need and the most sun and the least amount of this type of experimentation.”


The 310 panels, manufactured by Walters & Wolf and installed on the building’s east and west sides (the two with the greatest exposure), will supply 1.5% of the power that Netflix needs, according to Natalie Teear, Hudson Pacific’s vice president for sustainability and social impact.

哈德遜太平洋公司主管永續性及社會影響業務的副總裁娜塔莉.提爾指出,由Walters & Wolf製造、安裝在大樓東面和西面(陽光照射最多的兩邊)的310片面板,將供應Netflix所需電力的1.5%。

“It’s just a cool example of what’s possible,” Teear said.


Chris Barton, Hudson Pacific’s executive vice president for development and capital investments, declined to say how much the solar panels added to the cost of construction.


“There’s a premium to pay for them, certainly,” he said. “But we want to do what we can to establish a market for this technology.”


Netflix had no comment. A Hudson Pacific spokeswoman said the streaming giant would move into the building in the coming months.


The Epic has other unusual features — colossal outdoor work spaces with trees, fire pits and sofas, for instance — but Netflix’s primary Hollywood headquarters will remain across the street in a building (also owned by Hudson Pacific) that is known for its eye-popping lobby.


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