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進階影片跟讀#8 : Too much screen time can change children’s brains, study says

美國研究 兒童每日看螢幕7、8小時恐變笨

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An ongoing U.S. study appears to confirm parents' suspicions that too much screen time can hurt the kids. Preliminary findings show that children who spend more than seven hours in front of a screen each day experience a premature thinning of the cortex that could affect cognitive abilities. Here in Taiwan, doctors are quick to corroborate the study's claims. They say that children who spend too much time in the digital world can develop problems engaging with others in real life.


It turns out that too much gaming isn't just bad for children's eyes. According to a new U.S. study, excessive screen time can also affect brain development.


Huang Kuo-yang
Child psychiatrist
Playing video games causes the brain's striatum to release large amounts of dopamine. This dopamine release is a mechanism that we call addiction. We see children who nod off during the day, who can't focus their energies and can't pay attention. In the end, we find that they are up all night in bed, playing on their phones.

[[國泰醫院小兒心智科醫師 黃國洋]]

The U.S. National Institutes of Health is carrying out a study on 4,500 children aged nine to 10. So far, brain scans have shown that children who use devices for over two hours a day score worse on reasoning and language tests. Kids who use devices upwards of seven hours a day experience structural changes in the brain.


Doctors say there is an inverse relationship between video gaming and social skills.


Huang Kuo-yang
Child psychiatrist
It truly is a virtual environment. When a player experiences a setback in real life, he retreats to the virtual world, which offers him great rewards. Over time, the player becomes unable to function normally in the real world.

[[國泰醫院小兒心智科醫師 黃國洋]]

Physicians advise parents to limit digital media use to 30 minutes a day for young children.


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