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進階影片跟讀#9: Temperatures to dip as low as 15 degrees Celsius as northeast monsoonal winds strengthen

今晚降溫最低15度 恐一路濕冷到跨年

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Yesterday was winter solstice, and it was uncharacteristically warm. But today was more winterlike. Temperatures in Taiwan's northern and eastern regions plummeted as northeast monsoonal winds strengthened and brought rain. It's only expected to warm up a little on Tuesday and Wednesday.


There was heavy rain in Taipei this morning, along with cold air.


Chen Chien-an
CWB forecaster
Temperatures in northern Taiwan could dip as low as around 15 degrees. Of course, it could be even colder in open spaces and along the coast. Tomorrow there will continue to be some intermittent rainfall in the northern and eastern regions.

[[氣象局預報員 陳建安]]

Beginning on Monday under the influence of the northeast monsoon, there will be rainfall in the northern and eastern regions and it will tend to be colder in these areas, along with Taiwan's central regions. The weather is expected to warm slightly on Tuesday but then on Thursday an even stronger cold air wave will arrive. This cold wave is expected to be fiercest on Saturday.


The Central Weather Bureau says the cold air mass that will arrive on Thursday is expected to linger roughly a week. As for whether it will rain on New Year's Eve, the bureau advises the public to keep an eye on the latest changes to the weather.


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