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A Shanghai reservoir hit by 100-tonne wave of garbage


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Medical waste, broken containers or equipment and household trash are some of the items found in more than 100 tonnes of garbage salvaged near a drinking water reservoir in Shanghai.


The suspected culprits are two ships that have been dumping waste upstream in the Yangtze River. It has then flowed downstream to the reservoir on Shanghai’s Chongming island which is also home to 700,000 people.


The reservoir at the mouth of the river is one of the four main sources of drinking water for the country’s largest city.


Officials dispatched more than 40 workers to clean up the mess, but the area around the reservoir will take about two weeks to clear. Shanghai’s water authority claims supplies are still safe to drink, but has stopped the flow coming in while it continues testing.


China has struggled with air, soil and water pollution for years during its economic boom, with officials often protecting industry and forcibly silencing citizens that complain.


China’s cities are often blanketed in toxic smog, while in 2016 more than 80% of water wells used by farms, factories and rural households were found to be unsafe for drinking because of pollution.


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