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A single sheet to wrap them all: plastic-free packaging in Parisian bakeries

巴黎麵包店不用塑膠袋 一張紙搞定包裝

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

The ban on shops offering free plastic bags to customers has been expanded in Taiwan since New Year’s Day this year. However, the ban does not include plastic in direct contact with food, so cakes and breads do not have to be handed devoid of any packaging to customers.


In Paris, bakeries generally use cartons or paper bags for packaging. Only the sandwiches with lettuce, tomato and meat need to be packed in long plastic bags to prevent vegetable juice or sauces getting the paper bags damp. In addition to ready-made cartons and paper bags, many bakery clerks can put a single sheet of paper to many uses, wrapping up bread and various pastries.


A bakery near the National Assembly in Paris’ 7th arrondissement, for example, is one example of where this happens. The bakery clerk said that they often use a carton for a single serve pastry, and use paper bags for breads; but she had also learned to pack cakes, quiches, breads and crackers of different shapes using a single sheet of paper. This is common practice in Paris, she said.



The clerk can fold a sheet of paper into a small tent in a few seconds, wrapping around the chocolate cake or fruit tart, leaving a triangular space at the top of the tent shape so that the surface and decoration of the cake remain untouched.


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