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Airbnb sets up Jhubei base Airbnb


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The popular online accommodation-sharing platform Airbnb is now searching for premium locations around the world to set up bases. Following discussions with various parties, it has selected the New Tile House Hakka Cultural District in Hsinchu County’s Jhubei City for one such base.


During an international forum on the creative economy it held in November last year, the Hsinchu County government had constructive talks with Airbnb executives, and invited company head of global policy Chris Lehane to visit the county and discuss the feasibility of future collaboration.


According to Lehane, the global travel business is currently worth more than the petroleum industry, and sustainable travel is one of Airbnb’s core values. He believes that Hsinchu County has the potential to develop an international tourism industry, and Airbnb is willing to assist by providing a platform to showcase this.


Jhubei’s New Tile House is close to the High Speed Rail (HSR) Hsinchu station and the highway, so is easily accessible. After the base has been set up, Airbnb executives will be invited from time to time to give speeches and share examples of economic success with local tourist operators and businesses, or run tourist industry training programs, to open up Hsinchu County’s Hakka culture to the rest of the world.


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