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Alfonso Wong, creator of “Old Master Q,” dies in US

「老夫子」原創人 漫畫家王家禧在美過世

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Cartoonist Alfonso Wong, creator of the popular comic strip “Old Master Q,” died at the age of 93 in the US on Jan. 1, OMQ ZMedia Ltd, the company that promotes Wong’s comics, announced in a statement on its Web site recently.


Wong is best known for his humorous comic strip, which many in the Chinese-speaking world grew up reading. He began drawing his iconic “Old Master Q” in 1963. The comic strip features the protagonist Old Master Q — a funny and engaging character who dresses in traditional Chinese clothing — and his best friends Big Potato and Mr Chin.


The comic strip portrays the everyday lives of the main characters, and has been made into films. The first Old Master Q-themed restaurant opened in Hong Kong last year. Wong’s eldest son Joseph Wong took over the comic strip in 1995 to carry on his father’s work.


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