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Asus Life rolls out new smart robot for medical use

華碩攻精準醫療 攜手瑞士Clinerion公司

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Asustek Computer Inc subsidiary Asus Life last Thursday announced it will enter into a partnership with Swiss health data provider Clinerion. The two companies will combine Clinerion’s searchable clinical trial network and health record databases with Asus Life’s digital platforms to develop precision medical treatments.


Computer manufacturer Asustek was in attendance at the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo from last week Thursday to Sunday. The theme of Asus’ display at the expo was “Digital Transformation. Hospital” and Asus used the occasion to unveil the fruits of its collaborations with other companies: The Zenbo smart robot, specially designed for medical use, for precision medical treatments and to address the challenges created by “smart hospital wards.”


The collaboration project between Asus and Clinerion to develop a clinical trial treatment network has already been introduced into nearly 150 hospitals in eight countries.


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