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British band Coldplay to rock Taiwan next week

「酷玩樂團」下週首度登台 嗨翻八萬粉絲

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

British rock band Coldplay is holding its first concerts in Taiwan on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. The concerts will take place at Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Taoyuan Station Plaza, an outdoor venue able to accommodate up to 40, 000 people. Tickets are priced in seven levels from NT$1,800 to as high as NT$7,800.


The band, famous for hits such as “Viva la Vida,” is on Taiwanese fans’ dream list of the most anticipated foreign artists. The first concert was sold out within an hour, with diehard fans from places such as China, Hong Kong and Macau competing for tickets.


Surprised by the speedy ticket sales, members of the band said they had not expected this amount of passion from Taiwan, a place they have never been to. They decided to put on the second show to thank the fans for their support and to prevent ticket scalpers from selling at extortionate prices.


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