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Britney Spears in first Taiwan concert on June 13

「小甜甜」布蘭妮 本週二首度來台開唱

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US pop singer Britney Spears held her first Taiwan concert on Tuesday. Spears became a global sensation in 1998 with her hit song Baby One More Time, and has released a total of nine albums over her career, conquering the world and having tens of millions of fans worldwide. This year, she finally paid Taiwan a visit.

美國流行歌手小甜甜布蘭妮,稍早於本週二首度來台開唱!一九九八年布蘭妮以一曲「Baby One More Time」轟動全球,出道至今共發行九張專輯,征服全球上億歌迷,今年終於來到台灣。

The singer, who has transformed herself from a child star to a pop diva, kicked off her latest Asian tour from Tokyo, Japan on June 3. “Taipei!! Looking forward to performing on June 13th!” she wrote on her Facebook last Friday.


Her first Taiwan concert took place at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, during which she regaled her Taiwanese fans with all her greatest hits. She performed many classic songs along with her signature dance, while showing off her firm body, the result of intensive training, stunning a full house with her singing and dancing.


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