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Caterpillar-ridden corn a new favorite for eco-conscious consumers

「無毒玉米」毛毛蟲一堆 消費者超愛搶購

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

At the end of last year, in order to promote community development, Chen Fang-li, head of the Chenggong Community Development Association in Chiayi County’s Shueishang Township, came up with the idea of growing corn using toxin-free farming methods and discussed it with Chen Chung-yung, head of the Sanjie Village in Shueishang Township.

He immediately agreed to the idea and offered a field of 80 square meters to use for free.


Since the harvesting season began, senior residents who have volunteered to help harvesting the corn can be seen working in the field everyday. Parents have also brought their children to the field just so that they can learn about life on a farm.


As no pesticides are used in growing the corn, the fields are full of caterpillars feeding on the crop, with weeds growing higher than the plants. The production volume is comparatively low, too, and caterpillars are often found on harvested corn. Nevertheless, customers were very happy with it, with some of them saying that corn with caterpillars on it is exactly what they want.


Chen Fang-li said their corn is NT$35 per jin (0.6kg) and NT$1,000 per 30 jin (18kg). Although it is slightly more expensive than the average market price, it was grown without using any toxic chemicals, and therefore much better for you. So far the corn has been well received in the market, with more than 1,300 jin (780kg) sold. Chen’s goal is to make NT$160,000, which would go toward the community’s development fund.


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