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Celebrity chef Oliver’s restaurant to open first outlet in Taiwan

英國名廚奧利佛的餐廳 本月將進駐台灣

Jamie’s Italian, a restaurant brand established by British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, will soon open its first outlet in Taiwan this month at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store’s A11 branch in Taipei. It will be the fourth restaurant to be opened in Asia by the brand, which owns over 40 outlets worldwide.

Best known for his cooking TV shows, Oliver shot to fame following the debut of “The Naked Chef” series in 1999 on BBC. That same year, he was invited to prepare lunch for then British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Oliver has also written several successful cookbooks and has worked on a global campaign for better food education for many years. According to, he was the world’s wealthiest chef last year with a reported net worth of US$400 million.

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