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Checking your smartphone in middle of the night is really damaging to your health

半夜滑手機 健康大傷害

Give yourself 15mins, today! 輕輕鬆鬆每天15分鐘練英文

According to a report, one in three is so addicted to their phones that they check them constantly during the night. And if you’re in the 18-24 categories, this number goes up to one in two.


It may seem harmless - but it’s incredibly damaging. Sleep experts have warned us over and over how looking at our phones at night can compromise our health. It’s all to do with the blue light our phone’s screen gives off.


This light tells our body it’s daytime, which means when we do eventually fall back to sleep, that quality of sleep is not as good as it should be.


The research said:"What smartphones enable people to do is to keep tags of what’s happening, what people are saying, what people are posting. You can do that throughout the day and what smartphones are encouraging people to do is to do that at night."


So unless it’s a matter of life or death, make sure you get some good shut eye. Facebook’s not worth so much of your attention.


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