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Chinese students complete enrollment via facial recognition

看臉時代來了 陸大學新生刷臉報到

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This fall, several universities in China have launched facial recognition systems that allow students to complete their enrollment in seconds by simply having their face scanned as part of a trial program. One school is even planning to use the technology to take attendance at classes.


According to the China News Service, among the schools that have launched the experimental facial recognition enrollment system this year are Beijing Normal University (BNU), University of Science and Technology, Beijing, and China University of Petroleum, Beijing.


At BNU, all dormitories are installed with a facial recognition system. Students only need to enter the last four digits of their student ID number, or swipe their student ID card. The system will then scan their face to verify their identity. Once verified, the door will open within a couple of seconds.


The BNU is also planning to apply the technology to other areas, such as checking attendance at school meetings or even classes.


Before Chinese universities launched the facial recognition system for student enrollment, a KFC fast food restaurant in Hangzhou had already introduced a trial facial recognition payment service. Customers at the restaurant can order food on a self-order system by simply selecting their meals, showing their face to the camera and entering their cellphone number with which they had registered on the Alipay app. The entire process takes a matter of seconds.


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