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“Choo Choo Clock” becomes new landmark at Taipei Main Station

台北車站新地標 嘟嘟鐘 聚人潮創商機

Ever had a problem deciding exactly where to meet friends at Taipei Main Station, sprawling as it is? The Breeze Group has forked out NT$20 million on installing a “Choo Choo Clock” in the station’s central hall, and the clock is quickly becoming something of a new landmark. The clock is expected to boost foot traffic and the revenue of neighboring stores.

The Taiwan Railways Administration recently unveiled the “Choo Choo Clock,” an eye-catching piece of installation art. The cogwheels turn and a little model train runs when the Taiwanese folk song “Diu Diu Dang” is played on the hour between 6am and 12am every day.

Taipei Main Station has become a bustling, trendy spot since the Breeze Center department store, with its business volume of two to three billion New Taiwan dollars every year at this location, took over the first and second floors of the station in late 2006.