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Chuanfan Rock fishing net traps diver underwater

船帆石潛水客 遭魚網纏困

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There have been many reports of illegal fishing involving the use of fishing nets along the coast of Pingtung County’s Hengchun Peninsula recently. On Dec. 10, a recreational diver diving near Chuanfan Rock was caught in a fishing net underwater, and escaped only by cutting open the net with a dive knife.


Worried that other divers or swimmers might get entangled, a diving coach surnamed Wei decided to clear the fishing net with his dive knife and remove it from the water. He was shocked when the fisherman who had put the net underwater in the first place remonstrated with him for moving it.


Wei, who later reported the incident to the police, said: “The net was very large, about 6 meters high, enough to form a wall extending from the surface to the bottom of the sea, killing everything that passes through it, people or fish.”


Originally a popular destination for novice divers, Chuanfan Rock may be no longer safe for them due to the hazard posed by fishing nets.


The police said that, after receiving the report, they had dispatched personnel to Chuanfan Rock and cleared two fishing nets 90 meters long each. The police also cautioned people against clearing illegal fishing nets on their own despite setting up fishing nets in the area being a clear violation of the law, to avoid clashes with fishermen. Far better, they said, to report illegal fishing nets directly to the police.


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